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‘Compassion is everything’: A transgender lawyer and advocate looks back at her career

In MPR News' “Connect the Dots” series, they ask community elders to share their wisdom and lessons learned about what really matters in life.

Ellie Krug was a civil trial lawyer for almost 30 years in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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The Ripple Effect of Inclusivity: Transforming Lives and Communities

27 March 2024

by Sarah Hempel

Have you ever walked into a space and instantly felt like you didn’t belong? 


You’re not alone. People can feel uneasy in different situations for a variety of reasons. Maybe they don’t speak the same language as others in that space. Possibly they don’t feel dressed up enough for an occasion. Perhaps they hear others sharing great ideas and they feel like an imposter. Or they may notice their family structure looks different from others around them.  

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Ask My Pronouns

13 March 2024

Respect begins with addressing someone how they wish to be addressed.

Respecting someone's pronouns is a beautiful way to tell someone "I respect YOU!"

Recognizing an individual's pronouns is important for so many reasons... but here's a few:

Respect and Dignity: Addressing someone by their correct pronouns demonstrates respect for their identity and affirms their dignity as a person.

Validation of Identity: Pronouns are an integral part of a person's identity. Using the correct pronouns validates and acknowledges their gender identity.

Creating Inclusive Environments: Acknowledging diverse pronouns fosters inclusivity and creates safer spaces for individuals of all gender identities. It helps in building a supportive and accepting community.

Reducing Harm and Misgendering: Misgendering, or using incorrect pronouns, can be harmful and invalidating to individuals. It can lead to feelings of dysphoria, discomfort, and exclusion. Recognizing and using the correct pronouns helps in reducing this harm.

Recognizing an individual's pronouns is a simple yet significant way to affirm their identity, foster inclusivity, and promote respect and dignity for all individuals.

How will you show respect to others today, this week, this year?